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Founded in Milan in November 2013, Social Nation is an innovative startup that promotes a new model of economic development, through a range of innovative services designed to improve the relationship between companies and online users.

Social Nation makes innovation, sharing, security, responsibility and trust its core ideals: they drive the growth of the company and the development of every service.

Social Nation has adopted a quality management system in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and 27001: a strategic decision that helped the entire company to improve its way of working and to build a solid base for sustainable development initiatives.

The adoption of the Risk-Based Thinking, on the other hand, allows our organization to determine the factors that could prevent the planned results and to put in place preventive controls in order to minimize the negative effects and maximize opportunities when they arise.

Il nostro Team

Social Nation is composed of professionals with international experience in the legal, financial, marketing, business innovation and management sectors.

A group as heterogeneous as it is close-knit, which shares the same ideals and has fully embraced the philosophy of the project.


Digital identity is becoming increasingly central in the Internet world. But how can the Web change with the diffusion of these new verified profiles? And above all, being in possession of a digital identity really represents an added value?

The answer is yes. Digital identity is the tool that can bring a real advantage to the end user: it fully represents the digital transposition of the real person. There is not yet an account that can accurately reflect the characteristics, the correct information, the user’s preferences and habits and even today (although the Web is an integral part of our life) some actions can be completed exclusively “offline”. This reduces the beneficial impact that the Internet can have on the use of services.

That’s why Megital represents the turning point: with the certainty of an effective match between the real person and his online profile, companies can now remodel or even develop value-added digital services, simplify the most complex procedures and to respond even better to market needs.

This is how Internet4, a constantly evolving map of innovative services, whose engine is Megital.

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