A new digital market

Megital is a “ready to use” software solution for online access management. By integrating the login with Megital within a site, it is possible to optimize the customer onboarding process in terms of speed, savings and data protection.

Digital Identity

Megital allows you to create the first example of a verified and unique digital identity, usable to complete all those actions that are usually impossible to carry out online. In Megital, each account corresponds to a real person and contains only verified informations.

Fast, safe, new

Megital is a solution designed to simplify the process of dematerialization of processes. The accuracy of the data contained within each digital identity assures the possibility to offer online all those services that usually require a “de visu” recognition.

The price of success

The use of a digital identity-based system offers a strong competitive advantage over current market standards. Megital allows every company to reduce the costs of onboarding the customer, ensuring maximum efficiency and, for the first time, a clear data management system.

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