What’s Megital?

Megital is a system that allows you to create a digital identity and use it to log-in on our partner sites, so you can benefit also online of all those services that usually require live identification. The system also allows you to send your digital identity to other people you meet online.

How do i create an account?

The account creation procedure can be done exclusively through the Megital App and to complete it you need just frame your face, a valid ID and a credit card.

How much does Megital cost?

Megital can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You only pay at the end of the registration procedure for your identity verification. The cost is 3.90 euros and is valid for one year. This is because digital identity must necessarily be based on the most up-to-date data and documents, so that it can faithfully reflect your real identity. This presupposes an annual verification of the information.

Why do i have to pay?

The amount that you pay allows us to bear the costs of managing the computer system in which your data are saved – a proprietary system that has been structured to ensure the maximum protection of your informations. By paying € 3.90, you have a “digital safe”, accessible only from you. In this way, only you decide which data to share and with whom. 

Is there any way to create an account for free?

Yes, but you must contact one of the Partner companies. They’ll send you a coupon code through which you can use your digital identity online for one year. To find out the Partner companies, visit the dedicated section.

Why do you need my credit card informations?

Megital reads and inserts automatically only the number of the credit card framed, facilitating your life in the process of entering the identification numbers of the card and reducing the risk of errors. Being in possession of a credit card and, consequently, of a bank account is a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring a unique digital identity. The system verifies (by pre-authorization) the data entered and performs a match between the user’s face, its information contained in the document and the bank details. That’s why Megital creates an unique digital profile. Don’t worry: we are not trying to cheat you!

Can i also use a debit card or a prepaid card?

No, Megital only detects embossed credit cards. This is because it represents the only instrument that requires a “de visu” recognition by a bank or credit institution – a further guarantee to ensure the relationship of total correspondence between your real identity and your online profile.

How many digital identities can i create?

With Megital you can only create a digital identity. The system, in fact, does not allow the creation of two verified profiles linked to the same user. It’s like your ID card: why you need two of them? 

Where are my data saved?

Your data are saved in our databases, guarded by an encrypted and virtualized proprietary system. Think of it as your digital safe, where only you can put your hands and choose what to bring out.

Can i use Megital only as an individual or also as a company?

Once a digital identity has been created, you has the possibility to associate it with your company. You just need to be the legal representative or a person delegated by him. In this way it is possible to provide a verified profile also to a company or an institution and complete online activities as a legal entity.

Where can I find information related to my digital identity?

The verified data of your digital identity are all contained within the profile settings. To access it, just click on the “Profile” section.

Can I change my verified information?

Sure, but keep in mind that it is not such an immediate operation. Once the data have been verified, in fact, we need to check it again every change. If you think it is necessary to modify your profile information, contact us at support@socialnation.it.

Can i delete my digital identity?

Of course, at any moment. And once you do it all the data saved in the database will be deleted automatically. To eliminate your Megital account, just go to the details of your Megital profile and click on “Delete”.

What’s Me-Touch?

It is the first integrated functionality of Megital and allows you to send your verified digital identity to whoever you want.

How does it work?

To use Me-Touch, you just need the email address of another person. Just enter into the Megital App, in the section dedicated to Me-Touch: from here you can send a timed and univocal link that refers to your verified digital identity. In this way, the contacted person can check your identity.

And what is it for?

Me-Touch is a tool designed to support every online activity. Whenever you need to create a more direct and transparent contact with another web user, with Me-Touch you will be able to do it – and moreover, it’s simple and safe.

So everyone can see my data?

No, absolutely. To view your digital identity sent via Me-Touch, a user must have begun the registration process with Megital. If not, your identity will not be visible in any way!

Who are the Partner companies?

The Partners of Megital are the companies that have chosen to add the “Login with Megital” on their website , in order to offer digital services and create a relationship of trust with the users.

I have a website, can i become a Megital Partner company too? How can i do?

Sure! We are always looking for new portals that want to host the “Login with Megital” and share the philosophy behind our project. In order to integrate the “Login with Megital”, it is first necessary to associate your personal digital identity with your online activity (just enter the VAT number and the data related to your company or your profession). Once you have done this, visit the “Partners” section of Megital and click on “Contact Us”.

Where can i see all the services offered by the companies?

You can find all the services available for Megital in the dedicated section within the App or, alternatively, on the website www.megital.it.

What should i do to use the services offered by the companies?

Using the services available for Megital is simple: just go to the desired one and “authorize” the subscribtion to the service. Each company needs specific information in order to offer its service, plus some “optional” that will allow them to improve their offer to you. As always, however, it is up to you if share them or not.

Once i have shared my information, can i go back?

Megital has been designed to allow you to control directly your data firsthand. So, at any time, you always have the option to “revoke” your information and stop using the service.

I can not access to Megital

Be sure to have typed the password correctly. If the password is correct, contact support@socialnation.it.

The App doesn’t recognize my face

Complete the action in a light place and keep your eyes wide open. In case the problem persists, contact support@socialnation.it.

The app does not recognize my document

Try to put the document on a surface that contrasts with the color of the document; this little trick should help the recognition. In case the problem persists, contact support@socialnation.it.

I forgot the password

Go to www.megital.it and click on “Recover password”. The system will ask you to enter the email associated with your digital identity. After a few moments, you will receive an email with a link that will lead you to a page where you’ll can enter a new password.

The Megital App unexpectedly shut down every time i use it

Control the latest updates. If everything is updated, try to dele the app from your device and download it again from the digital store. In case the problem persists, contact support@socialnation.it.