Your digital touch!

Use your identity

Get in touch with any other person online.

You can send your digital identity just with an email address.

Tear down the walls

Live the Web

Track you online interactions and take control of your data.

It’s cool to have a digital identity

Why create a digital identity if you can not use it? Me-Touch was born for this reason: to give all those who use Megital a tool to immediately use their verified profile.

Easy, like a mail

Introduce yourself to another person is easier with Me-Touch. Just enter the e-mail address of the person to whom you want to send your digital identity, Megital will take care of the rest! The system sends a unique and timed link, valid only for a precise period of time. Once expired that period, your information will no longer be available for the other person. 

Privacy what?

In an online market where user data is too often used as a bargaining chip, Megital offers a solution that is as innovative as it is easy to use. Thanks to a system that allows you to personally manage your verified information, you can give your data a new value and secure your online privacy.

Megitalize yourself!

Download Megital, follow the automated process and create your digital identity. It takes only 5 minutes!

*Megital App is available free for iOS and Android devices. The identity verification costs € 3.90, with annual renewal.